Monday, September 01, 2008

Album of the Day #44: WHO'S NEXT - The Who

Title: Who's Next

Artist: The Who
Label: Track/Decca/MCA
Year: 1971
Songs: Baba O'Riley/Bargain/Love Ain't For Keeping/My Wife*/The Song Is Over/Getting In Tune/Going Mobile/Behind Blue Eyes/Won't Get Fooled Again
Written by: Pete Townshend, except*John Entwistle
Produced by: The Who (violin on "Baba O'Riley" produced by Kieth Moon)
Associate Producer: Glyn Johns
Thoughts: This is supposed to be a perfect album, I guess. Way too many of the songs on this album have become part of our self-consciousness, making this on the level of Led Zeppelin's untitled LP. I really like the songs that aren't on the radio everyday, like the short, acoustic "Love Ain't For Keeping" and Entwistle's hilarious "My Wife". "Behind Blue Eyes" is certainly not a favorite, but I love "Baba O'Riley". I think "Won't Get Fooled Again" tries a little too hard to be the perfect ending, which is weird, considering that they have the perfect ending in "This Song Is Over".
Rating: 9/10

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