Sunday, August 31, 2008

Album of the Day #43: WINGS AT THE SPEED OF SOUND - Wings

Title: Wings At The Speed Of Sound

Artist: Wings
Label: MPL/Capitol/EMI
Year: 1976
Songs: Let 'Em In/The Note You Never Wrote/She's My Baby/Beware My Love/Wino Junko*/Silly Love Songs/Cook Of The House/Time To Hide**/Must Do Something About It/San Ferry Anne/Warm And Beautiful
Written by: Paul McCartney, excpect *Collin Allen & Jimmy McColluch and **Danny Laine
Produced by: Paul McCartney
Thoughts: I'm not really sure how someone calls an album with two #1 singles, those being "Silly Love Songs" and "Let 'Em In", bad, but this album gets slammed constantly. I love a lot of these songs, like "Warm And Beautiful", "Beware My Love" and "Must Do Something About It", featuring drummer Joe English on vocals. I think that's why a lot of people complain about the album because of the lack of Paul's vocals, but I think this album was Paul's last effort to prove that Wings was a band. Still it's a fun album...not exactly a masterpiece (it's no Venus And Mars and certainly not Band On The Run), but it's the one thing practically all of Paul's albums are: enjoyable.
Rating: 7/10

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