Saturday, August 30, 2008

Album Of The Day #42: AMERICAN WOMAN - The Guess Who

Title: American Woman

Artist: The Guess Who
Label: RCA
Year: 1969
Songs: American Woman*/No Time/Talisman/No Sugar Tonight**/New Mother Nature***/969 (The Oldest Man)**/When Friends Fall Out/8:15/Proper Stranger/Humpty's Blues*/American Woman (Epilogue)*
Written by: Randy Bachman & Burton Cummings, except *Randy Bachman, Burton Cummings, Jim Cale & Garry Peterson, **Randy Bachman and ***Burton Cummings
Produced by: Nimbus 9 Producer, Jack Richardson
Thoughts: Inside probably one of the worst album covers ever (seriously, look at that thing!), is a strong album, with three awesome singles, one of which being one of my all-time favorite songs, "No Time". The album tracks aren't too strong, though "Proper Stranger", the flip-side to "American Woman" is a pretty good track. I can't stand "Talisman", which is awkwardly placed between "No Time" and "No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature". "969", Randy Bachman's showcase instrumental, might actually be the best of the remaining tracks. "8:15" is weak and Cummings himself admits to that in the liner notes. "When Friends Fall Out" is mild. This album truly proves where the group's strenghths were. They were on a little 45 vinyl record.
Rating: 6.5/10

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