Saturday, August 23, 2008

Album Of The Day #35: IN THROUGH THE OUT DOOR - Led Zeppelin

Title: In Through The Out Door

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Label: Swan Song/Atlantic
Year: 1979
Songs: In The Evening*/South Bound Suarez**/Fool In The Rain*/Hot Dog***/Carouselambra*/All My Love**/I'm Gonna Crawl*
Written by: *John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page & Robert Plant, **John Paul Jones & Robert Plant and ***Jimmy Page & Robert Plant
Produced by: Jimmy Page
Executive Producer: Peter Grant
Thoughts: This is a criminally underrated album that gets frequently neglegted as the worst Led Zep album, but that's like saying Magical Mystery Tour is the worst Beatle album. I love all seven tracks here, although "Hot Dog" is a silly throwaway track. "Carouselambra" is a fun, engaging track, that, like all of the really long Zep tracks, keeps moving off in so many directions that it never gets boring. It is hard to believe how credible the production credit is, though, as Jones's keyboards seem to overtake Page's guitar for the most part.
Rating: 7/10

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