Sunday, August 24, 2008

Album Of The Day #36: PRETTY. ODD. - Panic At The Disco

Title: Pretty. Odd.

Artist: Panic At The Disco
Label: Decaydance/FueledByRamen
Year: 2008
Songs: We're So Starving/Nine In The Afternoon/She's A Handsome Woman/Do You Know What I'm Seeing?/That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)/I Have Friends In Holy Spaces*/Northern Downpour/When The Day Met The Night/Pas De Cheval/The Piano Knows Something I Don't Know/Beyond The Sea/Folkin' Around*/She Had The World/From A Mountain In The Middle Of The Cabins/Mad As Rabbits
Music by: Panic At The Disco
Lyrics by: Ryan Ross, except *Brendon Urie, additional lyrics by Jon Walker & Spencer Smith
Produced by: Rob Mathes
Thoughts: As a modern day attempt at Sgt. Pepper, it might actually work, which might come as a surprise to anyone who heard their lackluster debut album. Panic somehow manages to take a unique mix of musical styles and make it work as one piece, something The Beatles excelled at. This certainly isn't anywhere on the level of a Beatle album, but it's a pretty good try. "That Green Gentleman", the single, is a great, stand-out track and most of the others make you wonder how they could not be singles. "When The Day Met The Night" is also a great track, along with the closer, "Mad As Rabbits". Overall, it's an enjoyable album that you'll probably want to listen to a second time to figure out what you missed in the first go-around.
Rating: 8/10

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