Friday, August 22, 2008

Album Of The Day #34: BAD BOY - Ringo Starr

Title: Bad Boy

Artist: Ringo Starr
Label: Epic
Year: 1978
Songs: Who Needs A Heart (Richard Starkey & Vini Poncia)/Bad Boy (Lil Armstrong & Avon Lang)/Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette) (Naomi Neville)/Heart On My Sleeve (Benny Gallagher & Graham Lyle)/Where Did Our Love Go (Eddie Holland, Lamont Dozier & Brian Holland)/Hard Times (Peter Skellern)/Tonight (Ian McLagen & John Pidgeon)/Monkey See - Monkey Do (Michael Franks)/Old Time Relovin' (Richard Starkey & Vini Poncia)/A Man Like Me (Ruan O'Lachainn)
Produced by: Vini Poncia
Thoughts: There are more than a hand-full of mediocre Beatle solo records, but none can reach the nadir of Ringo's Bad Boy. There simply isn't anything good that comes out from this album, although I do like "Heart On My Sleeve" and "Old Time Relovin'", but that's only because they aren't as bad as the rest of the tracks. From the terrible, pun-laden "Monkey See - Monkey Do" ("Love is monkey see and monkey do/That's all it is, peaches") to the horrific (for lack of a worse word) cover of "Where Did Our Love Go", there is no corner of this record that you would want to hear a second time. The people who backed Ringo were even embarrassed to be a part of it so much, that the guitarists and bassist went anonymous on the sleeve, calling themselves "Push-a-lone", "Git-tar" and "Diesel"! Epic must have been so embarrassed that they even signed Ringo that they promptly dropped him after this album. I promptly decided not to listen to this again....
Rating: 2/10 (I can't give it a zero...and "Heart On My Sleeve" is nice enough...)

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