Thursday, August 21, 2008

Album of the Day #33: ROCKS - Aerosmith

Title: Rocks

Artist: Aerosmith
Label: Columbia
Year: 1976
Songs: Back In The Saddle*/Last Child**/Rats In The Cellar*/Combination***/Sick As A Dog#/Nobody's Fault**/Get The Lead Out*/Lick And A Promise*/Home Tonight##
Written by: *Joe Perry & Steven Tyler, **Steven Tyler & Brad Whitford, ***Joe Perry, #Steven Tyler & Tom Hamilton and ##Steven Tyler
Produced by: Jack Douglas & Aerosmith
Thoughts: If there ever was an album that was appropriately titled, this is it! Rocks simply rocks! (How many times must that have been said about this record?) "Back In The Saddle" is really awesome and "Last Child", the other hit single, is great, too. You might think that by placing the two singles at the beginning leads to an album that loses steam, but this doesn't. Right from "Rats In The Cellar" on, it never just keeps getting harder and harder, until the ridges are smoothed out on the closing "Home Tonight". In fact, the five songs on the second side are sequenced so close to each other, that it feels like a medley. You truly have no time to breath! "Lick And A Promise" tries too hard to be an anthem, though and might be the only track I don't care for.
Rating: 8/10

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