Monday, August 04, 2008

Album Of The Day #16: SPORTS - Huey Lewis & The News

Title: Sports

Artist: Huey Lewis & The News
Label: Chrysalis
Year: 1983
Songs: The Heart Of Rock & Roll [Johnny Colla & Huey Lewis]/Heart And Soul [Mike Chapman & Nicky Chinn]/Bad Is Bad [Alex Call, Huey Lewis, John Ciambotti, John McFee, Michael Schriener & Sean Hopper]/I Want A New Drug [Chris Hayes & Huey Lewis]/Walking On A Thin Line [A. Pessis & K. Wells]/Finally Found A Home [B. Brown, Chris Hayes & Huey Lewis]/If This Is It [Huey Lewis & Johnny Colla]/You Crack Me Up [Huey Lewis & Mario Cipollina]/Honky Tonk Blues [Hank Williams]
Produced by: Huey Lewis & The News
Thoughts: This certainly isn't the heaviest thing in the world and Huey Lewis and the News aren't known for breaking any ground, but you have to admit, in the eighties, there weren't that many like Lewis and his band. They certainly weren't making music loaded with synthesizers and other programmed crap. I suppose if I was a kid in 1983, I'd have followed the band and liked them, and I would not have been alone. Sports turned into phenomenon, propelled by the fact that all but three songs on the album (the unintentionally funny "Bad Is Bad", the slight "You Crack Me Up" and the Hank Williams cover "Honky Tonk Blues") were released as singles. It's a great, fun album, but if you're looking for earth shattering music-as-art, look somewhere else.
Rating: 7/10

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