Sunday, August 03, 2008

Album Of The Day #15: BRAVE NEW WORLD - The Steve Miller Band

Title: Brave New World

Artist: The Steve Miller Band
Label: Capitol
Year: 1969
Songs: Brave New World/Celebration Song*/Can't You Hear Your Daddy's Heart Beat**/Got Love 'Cause You Need It*/Kow Kow/Seasons*/Space Cowboy*/LT's Midnight Dream#/My Dark Hour
Written by: Steve Miller, except *by Steve Miller & Ben Sidran, **by Tim Davis and #by Lonnie Turner
Produced by: The Steve Miller Band and Glyn Johns
Thoughts: This is just an awesome album that lasts merely thirty minutes. The songs are quick..."Space Cowboy" is really the only track where the band takes time for a few guitar solos (in fact, it's the longest song, running just a couple of seconds short of five minutes). It's very tight and confined, something rare for an album of only nine songs. Usually, nine songs means that one is so long, that another probably wouldn't fit on a platter of vinyl. On Brave New World, though, Steve Miller provides us with relatively short songs. Also, this album, being an early one, features the band as a true band, as the other members, Tim Davis (drums) and Lonnie Turner (bass), [along with Ben Sidran on keyboards, although he doesn't sing, he co-wrote most of the tracks here] get their shots on vocals. "LT's Midnight Dream" is a fun, country track, featuring a funky steel guitar. "Kow Kow", featuring Nicky Hopkins on piano, is weird, lyrically, but it's a great track that closes side one, making "Seasons" a wonderful side two opener. "My Dark Hour", featuring Paul Ramon [McCartney] behind the drums and clearly audible in the backing vocals department, is an awesome closer.
Rating: 8/10

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