Monday, February 02, 2009


Hi everybody!
OK, here's the low-down. I've been working on a site, here: this is so that you can find old reviews easier and I also hope that it will allow my writings to get a bigger exposure.
Things are going to be very slow. I was hoping I could do a write-up on Working On A Dream, but with the new semester starting, I'm afraid that won't be for awhile. Granted, I'll have plenty of time to listen to the album over and over again, but writing up my reviews takes time that I'm afraid I don't have.
Keep coming back though! I'm posting the old reviews on that site above. So far, I've done the Aerosmith, The Band, The Beach Boys and Badfinger pages and I'm currently working on The Beatles page. I'll keep everyone up to date here on how it's going! Thanks for reading and wish me luck with the site!

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