Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Album of the Day #126: FORE! - Huey Lewis And The News

Title: Fore!
Artist: Huey Lewis And The News
Label: Chrysalis
Songs: Jacob's Lader [John & Bruce Hornsby]/Stuck With You [Chris Hayes & Huey Lewis]/Whole Lotta Lovin' [Johnny Colla & Huey Lewis]/Doing It All For My Baby [Mike Duke & Phil Cody]/Hip To Be Square [Bill Gibson, Sean Hopper & Huey Lewis]/I Know What I Like [Chris Hayes & Huey Lewis]/I Never Walk Alone [Nielson]/Forest For The Trees [Fletcher, Bill Gibson, Huey Lewis & Loggins]/Naturally [Johnny Colla & Huey Lewis]/Simple As That [Biner, Castillo & Kupka]
Produced by: Huey Lewis & The News
Thoughts: Talk about a downer. After Sports, the News pushed this out. There's some strong material, but that's mostly the hits. Everything in between is rather drab and boring, with eighties over-production burying them in the sand. Considering that all four singles are included on the latest Greatest Hits collection (released by Capitol in 2006), you probably won't feel guilty skipping this album. The version of "Jacob's Ladder" on the collection is a remix, but I don't think it's drastically different. Only "Whole Lotta Lovin'", the one song on the first side not released as a single, is the only album track I like. Essentially, the second side of the record is a throwaway. Granted, if you like the News, you'll find the album enjoyable, but if you don't like them beyond the stuff on Sports, you can skip Fore!.

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