Monday, October 13, 2008

Album of The Day #84: SAILOR - The Steve Miller Band

Title: Sailor

Artist: The Steve Miller Band
Label: Capitol
Released: 1969
Songs: Song For Our Ancestors*/Dear Mary*/My Friend**/Living In The U.S.A.*/Quicksilver Girl*/Lucky Man***/Gangster Of Love#/You're So Fine##/Overdrive+/Dime-A-Dance Romance+
Written by: *Steve Miller, **Tim Davis & Boz Scaggs, ***Jimmy Peterman, #John Watson, ##Jimmy Reed and +Boz Scaggs
Produced by: The Steve Miller Band And Glyn Johns
Thoughts: I love this album. From the quirky instrumental opening of "Song For Our Ancestors" to the parade of blues standards that sits on side two, all aspects of this album are amazing, classic late-60's psychedelia. I'm completely unfamiliar with Boz Scaggs, but his work on this album is great. He wrote the last two tracks on the album, providing a great closing statement after the band rips through the covers. The first side of the LP is dominated by Steve Miller tracks, except the wonderful "My Friend". Miller's originals range from the balladry of "Dear Mary" to the straight-up American blues of "Living In The U.S.A." Overall, this is a great album worth tracking down and listening only takes thirty-four minutes of your time.
Rating: 9/10

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