Sunday, October 12, 2008

Album Of The Day #83: BOOK OF DREAMS - Steve Miller Band

Title: Book Of Dreams

Artist: Steve Miller Band
Label: Capitol
Released: 1977
Songs: Threshold/Jet Airliner*/Winter Time/Swing Town**/True Fine Love/Wish Upon A Star/Jungle Love***/Electro Lux Imbroglio/Sacrifice#/The Stake##/My Own Space+/Babes In The Wood
Written by: Steve Miller, except *Paul Pena, **Miller & McCarty, ***Lonnie Turner & Greg Douglass, #Les Dudek & Curly Cooke, ##David Denny and +Cooper & Winkelman
Produced by: Steve Miller
Thoughts: Book Of Dreams is Miller putting an emphasis simplicity, taking rock and roll, adding synthesizers and dumbing down to it's simplest level. Tomorrow, I'll talk about Sailor, his second album, which is so vastly different than this, you'd think it was recorded by a completely different artist. Book Of Dreams came out of the left-overs of Fly Like An Eagle and, although the pattern and formula is very much the same here, all the great guitar solos and blues are sucked out of it, leaving Book Of Dreams to feel a little...bland. The tracks here are great, but it's just that it misses the spontaneity of tracks like "Fly Like An Eagle" and "Dance, Dance, Dance". Theses tracks completely feel too much like an attempt to re-do Fly Like an Eagle, down to the cheezy synthesizer interludes. It succeeds at a few points, like "Jet Airliner", "The Stake" and "Jungle Love", all songs not written by Miller, but sometimes it fails to capture that magic. Tracks like "Wish Upon A Star" certainly don't help.
Rating: 6/10

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