Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Album Of The Day #72: NO DICE - Badfinger

Title: No Dice

Artist: Badfinger
Label: Apple/Capitol/EMI
Year: 1970
Songs: I Can't Take It*/I Don't Mind**/Love Me Do***/Midnight Caller*/No Matter What*/Without You#/Blodwyn*/Better Days**/It Had To Be##/Watford John###/Believe Me+/We're For The Dark*
Written by: *Pete Ham, **Tom Evans & Joey Molland, ***Joey Molland, #Tom Evands & Pete Ham, ##Mike Gibbins, ###Tom Evans, Pete Ham, Mike Gibbins & Joey Molland and +Tom Evans
Produced by: Geoff Emmerick ("No Matter What" and "Believe Me" were produced by Mal Evans)
Thoughts: Here's a pretty good pop album. Aside from the masterful duo of "No Matter What" and "Without You", though, it's not that amazing. Songs like "Love Me Do" prove that no one should have allowed Joey Molland to write a song in the first place and Pete Ham's other tracks are definitely not among his best. Still, this is a very listenable album, just not something that helps Badfinger stand from the pack of other groups of the early 1970's.
Rating: 7/10

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