Sunday, August 10, 2008

Album Of The Day #22: STILL CRUSIN' - The Beach Boys

Title: Still Crusin'

Artist: The Beach Boys
Label: Capitol
Year: 1989
Songs: Still Crusin'*/Somewhere Near Japan**/Island Girl***/In My Car+/Kokomo++/Wipe Out+++/Make It Big#/I Get Around##/Wouldn't It Be Nice###/California Girls##
Written by: *Terry Melcher & Mike Love, **John Phillips, Terry Melcher, Mike Love & Bruce Johnston, ***Al Jardine, +Brian Wilson, Eugene Landy & Alexandra Morgan, ++John Phillips, Mike Love, Terry Melcher & Scott McKenzie, +++The Safaris, #Terry Melcher, Mike Love & Bill House, ##Brian Wilson & Mike Love and ###Brian Wilson, Tony Asher & Mike Love
Produced by: Terry Melcher, except ***A Red Barn Production, +Brian Wilson & Eugene Landy, +++Albert Cabrera, Tony Moran, Dorren Robinson & Damon Wimbley, ##Brian Wilson and ###Brian Wilson
Thoughts: By looking at the credits, you might say "Is this really a group effort?" and the answer is pretty much "No." Then the other question is "Is this really an album?" and the answer is pretty much the same..."No." The ten songs here come from so many different sources that it makes the mind boggle. Someone in the Capitol offices said "Hey, you remember that washed-up '60s group called The Beach Boys that we had? Well, they just had a #1 single, so let's sign them for a one album deal to make some more money!" Unfortunately, for the consumer, this meant that The Boys could be really lazy and just gather a bunch of songs that were in movies done as one-off singles and finish off some crappy songs they had sitting around. As an album, it doesn't work because it certainly doesn't feel like a consistent package (especially with three songs that are at least 24 years older than the rest). As a's pretty good. At least you get "Kokomo" if it knocks your socks off. (Mine stay on, by the way.)
Rating: 5/10

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