Saturday, August 09, 2008

Album Of The Day #21: M.I.U. ALBUM - The Beach Boys

Title: M.I.U. Album

Artist: The Beach Boys
Label: Warner Bros./Brother
Year: 1977
Songs: She's Got Rhythm/Come Go With Me*/Hey, Little Tomboy**/Kona Coast***/Peggy Sue+/Wontcha Come Out Tonight?/Sweet Sunday Kinda Love/Belles Of Paris++/Pitter Patter++/My Diane**/Match Point Of Our Love/Winds Of Change#
Written by: Brian Wilson & Mike Love, except *by C.E. Quick, **by Brian Wilson, ***by Mike Love & Al Jardine, +by Jerry Allison, Norman Petty & Buddy Holly, ++by Brian Wilson, Mike Love & Ron Altbach and #by Ron Altbach & Ed Tuleja
Produced by: Alan Jardine & Ron Altbach
Executive Producer: Brian Wilson
Thoughts: Yuck. This album proves Beach Boys can sing...yeah...That's it! They can Jardine can do a pretty good Kermit The Frog imitation (cough..."Winds Of Change...cough). I guess I'm being too harsh here, but really, the only thing on here that saves it from being a complete disaster is Dennis's vocals on Brian's gut-wrenching "My Diane". Vocally, the Boys can still do it, it seems. Though, as a creative force...they are dead, Jim.
Rating: 3/10 (for vocals and "My Diane")

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