Sunday, January 28, 2007

Comp.: The Yellow Submarine Soundtrack

This compilation mixes the remastered tracks from the Yellow Submarine Songtrack and the instrumental tracks from the original Yellow Submarine CD from 1988. The tracks are in the running order from the movie and fits on one disc.

(NOTE: Inrtumental tracks from the Yellow Submarine soundtrack of 1988 have "*" next to them. All other songs are on the Yellow Submarine Songtrack from 1999.)

1. Pepperland*
2. Pepperland laid waste*
3. Yellow Submarine
4. Eleanor Rigby
5. Love You To
6. All Together Now
7. Sea of Time*
8. When I’m Sixty Four
9. Only A Northern Song
10. Sea of Monsters*
11. Nowhere Man
12. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
13. Sea of Holes*
14. Yellow Submarine in Pepperland*
15. Think For Yourself
16. March of the Meanies*
17. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heats Club Band
18. With A Little Help From My Friends
19. All You Need Is Love
20. Baby You’re A Rich Man
21. Hey Bulldog
22. It’s All Too Much

Also, the next review will be on The Beatles' E.P. Collection Box Set from 1992.

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