Saturday, January 27, 2007

Comp.: The Beach Boys- The Best From 1963-1979

This first compilation track list covers the Beach Boys' career from 1962 through 1979 and fits comfortably on two discs.
The set is made up of instantly recognizable hits from their "hit-parade" years (1963-1966), hidden gems from their most creative era (1966-1973) and the best of the worst (1976-1979). I chose mostly my personal favorites, but I left off some of the best tracks from their entire career.
Anyway, here are the tracks:

Disc 1: Catchin' A Capitol Wave (1963-1969)

(NOTE: 1-16: Part 1: 1963-1965 & 17-29: Part 2: 1966-1969)

  1. Catch A Wave (Surfer Girl)

  2. I Get Around (All Summer Long)

  3. Chug-A-Lug (Surfin' Safari)

  4. Wendy (All Summer Long)

  5. Finders Keepers (Surfin' USA)

  6. Good To My Baby (TODAY!)

  7. Let Him Run Wild (Summer Days [And Summer Nights!!])

  8. Don't Worry Baby (Shut Down, Volume II)

  9. The Girl From New York City (Summer Days [And Summer Nights!!])

  10. The Warmth Of The Sun (Shut Down, Volume II)

  11. Surfin' (Surfin' Safari)

  12. Farmer's Daughter (Surfin' USA)

  13. In My Room (Surfer Girl)

  14. In The Back Of My Mind (TODAY!)

  15. Spirit Of America (Little Deuce Coup)

  16. The Little Girl I Once Knew (single; bonus track on TODAY!/Summer Days [And Summer Nights!!] two-fer CD)

  17. Mama Says (Wild Honey)

  18. Celebrate The News (B-side; bonus track on Friends/20/20 two-fer CD)

  19. Here Today (Pet Sounds)

  20. Gettin' Hungry (Smiley Smile)

  21. Busy Doin' Nothin' (Friends)

  22. Let The Wind Blow (Wild Honey)

  23. Cabinessence (20/20)

  24. That's Not Me (Pet Sounds)

  25. Be Here In The Mornin' (Friends)

  26. Country Air (Wild Honey)

  27. Heroes And Villains (Smiley Smile)

  28. Be With Me (20/20)

  29. Breakaway (A-side; bonus track on Friends/20/20 two-fer CD)

Disc 2: Fun Is In (1970-1979)

  1. Good Timin' (L.A. [Light Album])

  2. It's OK (15 Big Ones)

  3. Wontcha Come Out Tonight (M.I.U. Album)

  4. Long Promised Road (Surf's Up)

  5. All This Is That (Carl And The Passions- 'So Tough')

  6. That Same Song (15 Big Ones)

  7. Full Sail (L.A. [Light Album])

  8. Back Home (15 Big Ones)

  9. Steamboat (Holland)

  10. This Whole World (Sunflower)

  11. Honkin' Down The Highway (The Beach Boys Love You)

  12. Sail On, Sailor (Holland)

  13. Pitter Patter (M.I.U. Album)

  14. Marcella (Carl And The Passions- 'So Tough')

  15. Add Some Music To Your Day (Sunflower)

  16. Baby Blue (L.A. [Light Album])

  17. Our Sweet Love (Sunflower)

  18. The Night Was So Young (The Beach Boys Love You)

  19. Feel Flows (Surf's Up)


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