Sunday, March 08, 2009

Should I or Shouldn't I?

I'll leave this up to you...the readers. I've been considering starting a blog discussing all 214 Beatles tracks, from Please Please Me to Let It Be and including the tracks on Past Masters. If I do this, it will significantly take a toll on Albums of Day. If everyone enjoys the Albums of the Day more and would rather have me keep doing this, please let me know. I want my readers to be happy and me going on some personal endeavor that probably no one will read only helps me.
If anyone is wondering where this idea came from it came from here: by Anthony Ling. This is a fantastic blog and I'd suggest anyone who hasn't started reading - read it!
Thankfully (although rather unfortunately), the Beatles have released significantly less songs than Bob Dylan (considering the Beatles released 13 albums in seven years and Dylan has released 32 albums over 47 years [which in itself is a scary thought]) so if I were to do this, it would take less than a year to get through.


Nik said...

If it hasn't been done, do it!

dsl89 said...

thanks...I think I might as'll be a cool experience