Monday, January 19, 2009

Blog News

I took the weekend off and today, with my family, I ventured to Jacksonville Beach. There, I found this awesome CD store called "CD Connection". This store was so cool.
I picked up two debut records, The Band's Music From Big Pink and Dire Straits' self-titled debut, Dire Straits. I listened to them both and I really enjoyed them. Soon, I'll write about them, but I'll save that for this week.
You might be wondering why I was in Jacksonville Beach. That's because I moved to the Jacksonville area. I can't wait for the Amtrak ride up to New York City!
Also, I have yet to find The Bee Gees' Odessa. It seems as if stores did not decide to carry them. The store I went to today didn't have a copy and says that none of the stores in the area are carrying it. I hope I'll be able to get it when I get up in NYC. I'm sure Virgin will have a copy. Speaking of Virgin, the store in Times Square is officially closing in April (with clothing store Forever 21 moving in). This really hurts, but it shows how volatile the music industry is. Thankfully, the Union Square store will remain opened, but who knows for how long.
The "Album of the Day" will kick-start tomorrow, when I take a break from watching the inauguration!

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