Sunday, December 07, 2008

Odessa And My Hopes For The Future Of The Bee Gees Re-Issue Series

Simply because I've been caught up in my own Dylan-mania, I've pretty much stopped following all news related to any group that I like (besides the Beatles, but, aside from Paul's new LP, nothing new has cropped up on that front), it came to a shock to me that when I stumbled upon the only good Bee Gees fansite I know of ( and it reported that Rhino announced that they would finally release Odessa. The album is the Bee Gees' fourth album and their only double-album.
Ever since I finished reading the liner notes to Rhino's re-issue of Idea, part of their three-album, six-disc box set released back in early 2006, and the writer wrote "Their story continues with Odessa," I have been dying to hear this record.
It's certainly been a long wait since those words were published and when Rhino announced their campaign to re-issue the Gibbs' albums. I was sure that the series was dead. To this day, you can still find Best Buys and other music-selling stores swamped with unsold copies of the 2006 box set and the three albums packaged separately. The box set, like practically all these days, didn't chart and I was left assuming that Odessa would never come out.
I'm really happy that it is and I can't wait for its' release in January, 2009.
Hopefully, Rhino will not wait so long to issue Cucumber Castle (and maybe we'll see Robin's Reign come out...just so I can have a hard copy of that excruciatingly funny LP cover). Of course, this will again, depend on how well Odessa sells, but I can't imagine it doing too poorly, considering that the Bee Gees are supposed to be one of the best selling groups in the world. The trouble is, how do you get people to see the name "BEE GEES" and not associate it with disco? (I guess it's the same with trying to separate The Beach Boys from surf music.) People will see this red cover and say, "Ick...must be disco...I'd rather get Saturday Night Fever." Rhino should put a giant sticker on it, saying "NOT DISCO!"...maybe that'll get people to buy it.
I believe Rhino said they secured the rights to the Bee Gees albums through Cucumber Castle, but I hope it gets to go beyond that. My mom has Trafalgar on LP and that seriously blew my mind. (Next time I have a chance to listen to it, I'll review it!)
The Bee Gees are another group that I'm not a super-fan of, but I really enjoyed Rhino's first box set and I'm really hoping the amount of effort put into it is put into the Odessa release. I really love their unique harmony and their vocal acrobatics and you know on January 13, I'll be running to get it.

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