Monday, November 24, 2008

RE: The Slowdown

Hi everyone! You have all probably noticed the sudden slowdown of the "Albums Of The Day" and the fact that they are appearing less regularly. This is mostly because of the unnaturally late time that Thanksgiving is falling this year. Finals are also beginning to kick in as I reach the final stretch of the Fall 2008 semester. During Winter Break, my "Albums Of The Day" will be more regular.
That doesn't mean that I'm going to stop doing them until December 19th (the last day of Finals at Hofstra), though. I'll try to do at least three a week. I'm not running out of material, though, that's for sure. Through just 114 reviews, I've hardly scratched the surface of the albums that my family and I have that I can review.
Also, if you are reading the blog, please follow it! Thanks!

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