Monday, September 29, 2008

Album Of The Day #70: VALOTTE - Julian Lennon

Sorry for missing yesterday. I rushed home for Rosh Hashanna and didn't have a chance.
Title: Valotte
Artist: Julian Lennon
Label: Atlantic
Year: 1984
Songs: Valotte*/O.K. For You**/On The Phone/Space/Well I Don't Know/Too Late For Goodbyes/Lonely/Say You're Wrong/Jesse+/Let Me Be
Written by: Julian Lennon, except *Julian Lennon, Justin Clayton & Carlton Morales, **Julian Lennon, Justin Clayton, Carlton Morales & Carmello Luggeri and +China Burton
Produced by: Phil Ramone
Thoughts: Unfortunately, this is the only album of Julian's I've been able to find. Phil Ramone's production is just ridiculous and it really helps Julian stay away from sounding like his father. Julian has an original sound here. So much so, that it is unfortunate that he had a famous father that we feel compelled to compare him to. Really, though, comparisons stop at his voice, which even then is very different from his father's. Julian is a pretty good songwriter, going on this album alone. However, like most eighties albums, the album tracks aren't that strong. "Valotte" is great, as is the funky "Too Late For Goodbyes". "O.K. For You" is also a favorite. The rest aren't that spectacular, but the songs come together for a very enjoyable album.
Rating: 7/10

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