Monday, September 22, 2008

Album of the Day #65: YELLOW SUBMARINE - The Beatles

I also wrote about the White Album, previously. It's #7, in case you want to "Get Back" and read it.

Title: Yellow Submarine
Artist: The Beatles
Label: Parlophone/EMI
Year: 1969
Songs: Yellow Submarine*/Only A Northern Song**/All Together Now*/Hey Bulldog*/It's All Too Much**/All You Need Is Love*/Pepperland#/Sea Of Time#/Sea Of Holes#/Sea Of Monsters#/March Of The Meanies#/Pepperland Laid Waste#/Yellow Submarine In Pepperland*
Written by: *John Lennon & Paul McCartney, **George Harrison and #George Martin
Produced by: George Martin
Thoughts: Sure, it's a rip-off, considering two of the six Beatles songs are old, but it's a good rip-off. Today it's rendered obsolete by the Yellow Submarine Songtrack, but with that, you miss the charming and relaxing George Martin instrumentals (which easily could have fit on that CD). The four new songs, one by Paul, one by John and two by George, are great, underrated areas of the Beatle catalogue, if there is such a thing. "It's All Too Much" is the first attempt by The Beatles to get into psychedelic 'acid' rock, which they do successfully. "Only A Northern Song", recorded during Sgt. Pepper, is great, tongue-and-cheek George, something he would be so successful at during his solo career. John's "Hey Bulldog" is an all-out rocker and one of my favorite tracks. Paul's "All Together Now" is, admittedly, a throwaway children's chant, but is fun, nonetheless. By the way, see the film now, if you haven't. MGM released it on DVD back in 1999 and is well worth tracking down. It's a great film that combines two of my favorite things: animation and The Beatles.
Rating: 6/10 (for the lack of actual material)

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