Friday, September 12, 2008

Album of the Day #55: SYNCHRONICITY - The Police

Title: Synchronicity

Artist: The Police
Label: A & M
Year: 1983
Songs: Synchronicity I/Walking In Your Footsteps/O My God/Mother*/Miss Gradenko**/Synchronicity II/Every Breath You Take/King Of Pain/Wrapped Around your Finger/Tea In The Sahara
Written by: Sting, except *Andy Summers and **Stewart Copeland
Produced by: The Police & Hugh Padgham
Thoughts: This is a Sting album, clear and simple. It may be the best album, but it's the not the best album to represent the Police with. To me, The Police are about raw energy; a trio of three personalities, each one offering something big to every song, even if they didn't write it. To me, The Police had to break up, because it was clear we weren't going to get another Zenyatta Mondatta or Ghost In The Machine with Sting's newest writing skills. Sting turned The Police into his backing group for this album and it is so clear! "Mother", Andy's only contribution is avant garde, compared to Sting's deep material. Stewart's "Miss Gradenko" is too short to comment about. Clearly, if this is the only Police album you own, you don't own a Police own a Sting album. (I will admit, I like "King of Pain", though.)
Rating: 8/10

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