Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Album of The Day #52: REGGATTA DE BLANC - The Police

Title: Reggatta De Blanc

Artist: The Police
Label: A & M
Year: 1979
Songs: Message In A Bottle*/Reggatta De Blanc#/It's Alright For You##/Bring On The Night*/Deathwish#/Walking On The Moon*/On Any Other Day**/The Bed's Too Big Without You*/Contact**/Does Everyone Stare**/No Time This Time*
Written by: *Sting, **Stewart Copeland, #Sting, Stewart Copeland & Andy Summers and ##Sting & Stewart Copeland
Produced by: The Police & Nigel Grey
Thoughts: This is my least favorite Police album and definitely their weakest. "Message In A Bottle" is great, of cousrse, but I would have chosen Sting's wonderful "The Bed's Too Big Without You" over his slow, plodding "Walking On The Moon" as the second single. The first two Police albums have songs that are clearly defined as "album-only" and others that are "single-ready". Where the "album-only" tracks were pretty good on the first one, the ones here, mostly written by Stewart, leave the feeling of "filler". "Contact", though, might be my favorite Stewart song, but then he also wrote "On Any Other Day" and "Does Everyone Stare", which would hardly have been considered for the album if only Sting wrote one more song.
Rating: 6/10

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