Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Album of the Day #24: SURFER GIRL - The Beach Boys

Title: Surfer Girl

Artist: The Beach Boys
Label: Capitol
Year: 1963
Songs: Surfer Girl*/Catch A Wave**/The Surfer Moon*/South Bay Surfer***/The Rocking Surfer#/Little Deuce Coupe##/In My Room###/Hawaii**/Surfers Rule**/Our Car Club**/Your Summer Dream^/Boogie Woodie#
Written by: *Brian Wilson, **Brian Wilson & Mike Love, ***Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson & Alan Jardine, #Traditional/Arranged by Brian Wilson, ##Brian Wilson & Roger Christian, ###Brian Wilson & Gary Usher and ^Brian Wilson & Bob Norberg
Produced by: Brian Wilson
Thoughts: This album is a real fun, classic Beach Boy record, from start to finish. Surfer Girl is really where the Boys hit their stride and started actually making albums instead of a disc-full of filler and a two-sided hit-single. Lots of these songs are ridiculously good, like "Catch A Wave" and "Hawaii", which somehow weren't singles. Great stuff, all around. Even the two instrumentals ("The Rocking Surfer" and "Boogie Woodie", both based off of traditional pieces) are fun.
Rating: 9/10

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