Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Album Of The Day #18: AMERICAN FOOL - John Cougar

Title: American Fool
Artist: John Cougar [Mellencamp]
Label: Riva/Poly Gram
Year: 1982
Songs: Hurt So Good*/Jack & Diane/Hand To Hold On To/Danger List**/Can You Take It/Thundering Hearts*/China Girl#/Close Enough/Weakest Moments
Written by: John Mellencamp, except *by John Mellencamp & G. C. Green, **by Larry Crane & John Mellencamp and #by Joe New & Jeff Silbar
Produced by: John Cougar Mellencamp and Don Gehman
Thoughts: I hate John Mellencamp albums. He writes some pretty good hits, but when you listen to an album, you probably will regret your purchase. Most of his albums are poorly sequenced, leaving the album front-loaded with hits. Meaning that, probably after the third song, you get really bored...really fast. Nothing after "Hurt So Good" and "Jack & Diane" get anywhere close to as good as those two monster hits. I've honestly only listened to this album once or twice and I can't remember anything beyond the fact that I hated "China Girl" and "Weakest Moments". This either means that Mellencamp has a hard time writing and covering songs to make them interesting...or I have a real bad memory.
Rating: 5/10

Tomorrow is the last day of Albums-With-Less-Than-Ten-Songs week!

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