Monday, July 21, 2008

Album Of The Day #2: TUNNEL OF LOVE - Bruce Springsteen

Title: Tunnel Of Love
Artist: Bruce Springsteen
Label: Columbia
Year: 1987
Songs: Ain’t Got You/Tougher Than The Rest/All That Heaven Will Allow/Spare Parts/Cautious Man/Walk Like A Man/Tunnel Of Love/Two Faces/Brilliant Disguise/One Step Up/When You’re Alone/Valentine’s Day
Written by: Bruce Springsteen
Produced by: Bruce Springsteen, Jon Landau and Chuck Plotkin
Thoughts: When I bought this album, I honestly thought I was going to hate it. I got it merely as an obligation and part of my desire to have all of Springsteen’s albums. (I do have them all, save for Tracks.) I thought it was going to be all mushy with eighties production values all over. Well, I was wrong. This is a wonderful album, but there are some eighties production that gets in the way and still lingers from Born In The U.S.A. My favorite track is “Spare Parts”, a story about a couple that has a baby out of wed-lock and the man runs away, leaving the girl to raise the child. She contemplates on giving the kid the whole ‘Moses’ treatment by putting him in the water, but she doesn’t. The track is highlighted by this searing guitar solo by Bruce. All the other tracks are pretty good, too, but you can’t help thinking "What would it have been like with the E Street Band?”
Rating: 7/10

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