Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Get Ready For A Great Summer....

Woo...am I happy or what?
This summer is going to be insane. All the movies...Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull, WALL-E, The Dark Knight and Star Wars: The Clone Wars are all on my list as must sees!
However, the most important thing is the re-issue of Dennis Wilson's Pacific Ocean Blue. There are some previews at www.pacificoceanblue.net and they sound incredible! It makes me even more anxious!
Also, Brian Wilson just announced yesterday that he will return to Capitol Records for the release of That Lucky Old Sun on September 2nd. Capitol will put it out as a basic CD, a CD/DVD set, on vinyl and on iTunes. You can tell which versions I'm getting! Of course, all details are over at his site, which is, obviously, www.brianwilson.com.
This is the first time Capitol will be releasing new material by a Beach Boy since the 1989's Still Crusin'.
Capitol is also putting out a 16-CD box set of the Boys' singles from 1962 ("Surfin' Safari") to 1965 ("California Girls") which will include new stereo remixes. Beyond that and the fancy packaging, however, there's nothing new. It will comprise of just over 60 tracks spread over the set. That's taking into account the remixes and the other previously released stereo mixes and the already well-known mono versions. Some singles, like "Surfin' Safari" and "Surfin' USA" will only have three tracks: the A & B-Sides plus an extra track, considering that stereo mixes of these songs are practically impossible.

Also, my second semester of college is over and I'm now doing...nothing! So reviews might be a little more frequent.

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